20 Feb

A recent study shows that the highly sexual nature of today’s media harms young girls’ mental and physical health.

Ummm, duh?

Examples of harmful media images, according to a American Psychological Association task force:

  • Young pop stars dressed as sex objects

  • Dolls aimed at young girls with sexual clothing such as fishnet tights

  • Clothing, such as thongs, for seven to 10-year-olds

  • Adult models dressed as young girls

I come down on the side that the media is sooooo sexual in today’s world. I happen to believe (after careful thinking and discussion on this topic) that it’s a function of the religious mentality that sex is merely for pro-creation.

Clearly, Western society is in a stage that is on the opposite end of the spectrum, from say, the 1950s, where sex was not talked about, at all. It’s a rebellious tactic, no? A shout out to say, “Sex doesn’t have to be for making babies,” or “We are not our parents, sex can be talked about, explored, plastered on billboards…!”





Today, it’s like “sex! sex! sex!” in the media or “sex is bad, dirty, gross” from people who oppose the sexualized nature of things. A healthier medium has to be reached.

And like, also, why do fish nets have to be bad?


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