21 Feb

I believe that women are socialized to feel more compassionate than men. Is this wrong?

And I’m not saying that women are more compassionate than men. Just that – the ways in which girls are raised, and the roles that women are socialized to believe are theirs (mother, wife, caretaker) means women end up in more compassionate positions.


[artist kudos.]

This is not set in stone, though. I think if one grows up and wishes to change his social setting, he will be socialized in another way… possibly with more compassion. And it’s a two way street… compassion can be unlearned through socialization as well.

All I’m saying is on average, the traditional rearing of Western women makes them have more compassion than their male counterparts.

I feel like a man-hating wench for thinking this.


One Response to “compassion.”

  1. ggwfung February 21, 2007 at 5:40 am #

    there’s a male-female spectrum of being regardless of the actual gender of the person. There’s the effect of various hormone levels, plus a left/right brain tendency in any individual. Of course there are mannish women, and feminine guys, even beyond the stereotypes we are fed on tv. Regards the various roles we play in life, things are a bit more open now, and men do go into nursing and teaching by choice. More compassionate by nature there.

    Worth a long muse.


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