brainstorming about me right now.

23 Feb

regretting not going to class yesterday. with a mid-term on monday… not a good idea :\

feeling a bit overwhelmed. honestly, not sure why i’m not freakin’ out more.

driving up north tomorrow with friends for the weekend.

listening to water running through the pipes, the dryer and tuung.

smiling about craftness i did today.

trying to decompress in hopes of getting some sleep tonight.

wishing that day and night would switch. i work much better in the dark.

saying “i see the stars, i see the stars, i see the stars tryin’ to reach my heart. i see the stars… people the way they are.”

dreaming about a real career. a good one. with a salary.

hoping to live in the moment… enjoy minutes of my life, instead of time-periods.


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