a ranch can be a good thing. who knew?

25 Feb

When I hear the world “ranch,” I tend to think of a conglomeration of decaying buildings that house cows, chickens, dust and Republicans.


This is simply not true… I learned that this weekend. Take for example, that quaint little neighborhood tucked in the forest, on the Western edge of California, “Sea Ranch.” This place is simply beautiful.


Progressive and environmentally friendly, slow and serene, quiet and cool, this conglomeration of homes is stunning on several levels.

This is what ALL of the houses look like in this community:

Not only are they architecturally amazing, but they are environmentally sound… and they do not obstruct the natural landscape. In fact, if you are on the shore, looking back to the hill where these homes are located, you can barely see them. 

So, not only did I have a serious vacation and a chillaxing weekend, but I learned something. Democrats live on ranches too, and theirs are better.


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