Big Trucks = ?

26 Feb

I have several theories about life.

One of them is: oldest children prefer grape jelly over strawberry.

I have another theory about guys that drive humongous trucks. This story basically proves my theory.

You see,  in Maryland, apparently it has become trendy to hang fake bull balls from the hitch of large trucks.

People actually sell these, and advertise them with the slogan “Show them what you have!”

Ok, for real though? For real? Let’s take a closer look:

A congress person has proposed a bill that bans these (along with images of “naked breasts” and “genitals”) in Maryland.

The ACLU, however, is saying this goes too far. Meredith Curtis, a spokesperson for the ACLU, said, “Do we have to neuter all dogs that walk by us?”



Not only are dog balls grossgusting, BUT, there are far too many dogs without homes in the world. Dogs should be neutered and people should adopt these precious creatures from their local animal shelter.

I didn’t mean for this post to turn into an animal rights thing, so, I digress. Hanging balls on the back of trucks is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

And big trucks = small dick. But balls hanging on the back of your big truck = I don’t even know… something worse to one’s ego than a small dick.


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