28 Feb

I often read the Zits comic strip in the newspaper. It portrays a boy, Jeremy, in adolescence and at times the message can be quite funny. For instance: 

I find this funny because it has totally happened in my house before. Like, almost word for word, expression for expression.

HOWEVER, I was totally disappointed/disgusted to see this in the Sunday paper:

I just don’t appreciate the message. And, maybe it’s because I’m not a guy. It’s just not helpful to deconstructing the painful norms of adolescent relationships. And when I went searching for these certain strips, I came upon today’s Zits comic:

Again, I feel like it’s encouraging the objectification of girls and the sexualization of society. Not that I don’t think they should be printed… I think it’s good to display, and then talk about how that’s not ok. The talking part doesn’t enter most breakfast tables though… and therefore, it’s harmful.

Sometimes I think I’m so liberal, I’m conservative.


One Response to “zits.”

  1. bermudaonion January 15, 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    I’ve often said that I think the creator of Zits has been peeking in my house.

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