3 Mar

This is like the most amazing picture ever:

Tony Blair, the current Prime Minister of the UK, is the feather-haired hottie circled in this pic, which was taken at Oxford Uni in the mid-seventies. In the picture, young Tony performs a “wanking” gesture… which has previously been Photoshopped out:

Where’s his hand?

OK – let’s talk about this picture. I will itemize my opinions…

1. The style is impeccable. From the shoes, to the pants, jackets, hair, hats, and missing-lens glasses, these guys are like, amazing.

2. This picture proves that our world leaders know about sex. Which is funny to think about, and even funnier to imagine. I always thought of them as like, emotionless and therefore sexless. It’s simply not true!

3. Clearly, everyone in this picture is high as a kite.

4. I can never be a world leader because Photoshop cannot fix the ridiculousness of most of the pictures of me. Damn.


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  1. Tina March 3, 2007 at 9:05 am #


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