“Stop Hillary Express!!”

14 Mar


I’m not joining. BUT – I have reservations about Hillary Clinton… and I’m not sure why. It’s worth exploring.

I’m excited about the prospect of having a woman president, but Hillary just doesn’t seem to fit my presidential bill (no pun intended… Bill Clinton… nevermind). Anyway, counter to what a lot of people think: I’m not going to support her as a candidate just because she’s a woman. She has to be a president.

A lot of feminists are saying that women don’t want Hillary because we think the country isn’t ready for a woman or we don’t think she can win. I don’t agree with either sentiment. I think I just don’t like Hill.

1. My grandmother (a raging Democrat and Hillary supporter) met her and said she wasn’t very nice.

2. When she and Bill moved out of the White House, they took a bunch of stuff. I don’t know why has stuck with me, as it was originally reported in February of 2001… but it has, and I don’t like it. As you will find in the link, taking White House property isn’t all that uncommon of retiring presidents, but, still. I feel like she should be above that.

I’m still very wishy-washy. I’m really not sure if I’m just buying into propaganda by not taking on her cause.


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