I’ve been wondering this same thing.

16 Mar

Why haven’t Barrack and Hillary “come out” and said what their stance is on “homosexuality”??

Apparently, both disagree with the comments of Gen. Peter Pace, who said homosexuality was immoral. BUT neither presidential hopeful has actually said so in their own words!!! Hill said she’d “leave it up to others to conclude.” And a Barrack representative told the press that he disagreed with Pace’s sentiment.

I suppose it is attributable to the fact that they most likely disagree, but as a tactic of getting more votes — don’t want to stand tall on either side. Where I can see the reasoning, I disagree with it. People say they are engaging in a “careful balancing act.” The thing is, that both Clinton and Obama have the power to change the society that calls for a balancing act on this subject.


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