springing broken.

22 Mar

The posts here have been lite, but, I’m on Spring Break, so I don’t really do much of anything. Plus, not being in school narrows my thought processes and therefore I have nothing interesting to say, besides how I found a pink chrome chair at Stanford Surplus today. A-mazing.

The Grand Canyon just opened a skywalk to attract tourists, which reminded me of a recent email I got from my grandparents who were in Hong Kong. White people invading Native land, white people invading Eastern land, you see where I’m going with this. In Hong Kong, a cable car recently opened so that tourists can now make their way to the previously rarely-seen Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.

Grand Canyon Skywalk:

Lantau Cable Car:

Both of these projects are regarded as “engineering wonders.” Besides being incredibly visually unappealing, they are both totally fucked up. It enforces this Western idea of conquering, which I learned a lot about in Australia, with the emphsis on Uluru.

Tourists always climb Uluru, despite encouragement from the local Native community not to for spiritual and safety concerns.

Jackasses climbing Uluru:

While the economic impact to the Native community in Uluru (and probably now, the Grand Canyon and Lantau) is significant, we still have to question this modern-day colonialism. Imposing our Western concept of conquering land, on non-Western countries or communities is just not okay.

Just think about that game we played as kids, “I’m the King of the Mountain!” (Ok, first of all, why couldn’t it be “Queen of the Mountain”? But that’s another post.) It was all about constructing this idea of conquering a nature that is bigger than us. If we get to the top it, we win.

And look at the picture of the guy above. This is a recent picture, and he looks like Christopher Columbus, and apparently that’s a good thing?? What???????


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