apparently, ships still sink.

7 Apr

I thought after the Titanic, ships were gonna call it quits with the sinking action.


One Response to “apparently, ships still sink.”

  1. merritt April 7, 2007 at 5:54 am #

    i am your #1 blog fan.
    these are my blog requests:
    1. blog about nasty people at mills and the nasty goings on there (you may change the names if you feel too guilty)
    2. photos of nasty people if you do not feel too guilty and then commentary on how nasty they are. maybe in a perezhilton type of format, except with everyday queersluts rather than celebrities
    3. sex talk
    5. please talk about whatever tv shows you have been watching so that i know whats up with tv shows, whatever they might be.
    6. pictures of a certain professor that i will not name publicly. actually you can leave those out of the blog and send them to me privately.

    i love you!!!!!

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