To Catch a Predator

16 Apr

I have more to say about this show, and I don’t feel my description of it, written at 2 a.m. was enough.

I started watching this documentary series about a year ago. I can recall the exact moment when I stumbled upon it on MSNBC (before it got really popular and moved to Dateline on NBC). I thought the show was good/I couldn’t believe it was legal. It still, to this day, does not seem legal. However, word on the street has it that only one of the people in the broadcast has to agree to being recorded. Therefore, if Chris Hansen, the host, agrees, they are within the law. Seems messed up, if you ask me.

My qualm with the show is that you are made to feel bad for these guys. I think the goal of the show is to let everyone know that men are soliciting your children online: WATCH OUT! It could be your Rabbi, the school bus driver, the coffee-shop baristo (male form of barista?).

What I get from the show is: Damn. There are so many people in the world who need help, and what are we doing for them? We are broadcasting their faces world-wide, like they are in some kind of freak-show. Obviously, this is a larger problem, and needs to be addressed with help, not just laughs, shock, and humiliation.


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