19 Apr

Don’t wanna be the princess of doom, but another piece of really crappy news came through today. Though it is less shocking, considering the political conservativeness of our Supreme Court at the moment.

The Court, overturning 30 years of precedent, upheld a ban on partial birth abortion which Congress and the Prez. signed in 2003. Reps from California (holler) and Nebraska appealed to the S. Court, claiming that the ban was unconstitutional, but lost today, when Justice Kennedy unexpectedly moved to the side of conservative justices.

Partial birth abortion is the most uncommon means of terminating pregnancy, contributing to only 2200 of over one million abortion procedures in 2000.

Opponents of the ban (Planned Parenthood, among others) say that the ruling means that politicians, not doctors, will make medical decisions for women.


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