the new caregiving.

24 Apr

I have always been intrigued by non-profit organizations… well, at least the ones with missions that address diversity, education, women, poverty, etc… My experiences in non-profits have only been good. Really hard-working people, devoted to a social cause, who eat and breathe change. I respect the work, I think it’s important, I don’t know where the world would be without it.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy says that 73 percent of non-profit workers are women. I find this astounding and interesting. In my experience there have been like ten women and one man working in a non-profit office. The one man is usually the “tech. dude.”

Here’s my question: Is non-profit work the new caring sector for women? Traditionally, nursing and teaching have been the jobs women were supposed to occupy. It goes along with the idea that women should be caring for others. Non-profit work seems to fall into this same category… though I have a hard time saying that because I know that not only are non-profits beneficial for society, but they are also really interesting work. Are women in this line of work because they really care about it, or are they just socialized to care about it?


4 Responses to “the new caregiving.”

  1. hurricanecandice April 25, 2007 at 10:06 am #

    I was just thinking about that today actually. I think it is indeed the new nursing… also, I think part of it is the surge within the last 30 years for people to seek fulfillment in their work. Women are finding fulfillment outside of motherhood and domesticity.

  2. timanna April 25, 2007 at 1:26 pm #

    What do you mean do they “really” care or are they just socialized to? Just because you’re socialized to feel something doesn’t mean that feeling isn’t real. You can be conscious about it and still feel that way.

  3. taylored April 25, 2007 at 2:28 pm #

    Yes, timanna. you are totally correct! I completely agree… I was just trying to emphasize the idea that women are socialized to care. Would we care outside of the socialization? Does that even matter?

    hurricane, I suppose it’s just interesting to note that women are seeking fulfillment outside of motherhood and domesticity, but it is still a career involved with caring for and about others. And I don’t want to say that I think this is bad. It’s SO important! And I commend everyone who works in non-profit and usually, the missions of non-profits are extremely commendable.

  4. nicotineandmint April 25, 2007 at 3:28 pm #

    women are socialized to feel like they need to work hard and have little or no monetary/material rewards for it, just like motherhoood. women also tend to feel guilty for wanting more and tend to stay in an environment where they make less, and feel they cant or shouldnt ask for more. am i making sense? i have insomnia and am a bit strung ooouttttt. anyways, non-prof work is amazing and commendable, but is it a place to put we ladies who struggle with making it any higher or wanting more? i dunno. i know its not for me as a permanent position, because i want more! i want to be pushing dudes out the way, i want to make more dough, i want to feel fulfilled and not just tired. so what? the end.

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