arm pit.

25 May

When I think of Florida, not only does the shape of the state remind me of an arm, but the general “culture” down there reminds me of an arm pit. (Sorry loved ones in Florida, but you know I only speak the truth).


and Florida:

You see, I’ve always sort of thought about Florida like this. The weather is armpitesque, the beaches (well, at least the popular ones) are junky and the people, well,  you know.

I wasn’t surprised to see this story today on Reuters. You see, Florida is (not surprisingly) having a dog-sized rat problem. The African Rat, as it is commonly known, was bred by some idiot and then set free. Now Splinter is threatening crops and is also just really gross. I would post a picture, but I don’t think I can do it. I have an intense fear of rats, and these suckers are no sight I wish to behold everytime I log onto my blog. Just go to the story.

I just have to summarize, that yes, Florida now has mutant species of rats. So add that to the arm pit list.


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