Summertime =

29 May

lots o’ readin’. During the school year, I always forget that I’m a reader. When the days start to turn long and I am reduced to thinking about all the mosquito bites on my legs, I actually start itchin’ for literature. I think I find stimulation in the words – the sort that my mind misses when I’m not in school.

So far this summer (all 2 weeks of it), I have read 5 million job listings and two books. I won’t tell you about the job listings, because those aren’t fun or funny. The books, on the other hand, are quality.

I actually started Cavedweller, by Dorothy Allison, over Winter break. Lindsay and Timanna and I decided to start a book club.


It went something like this: Lindsay loves Dot Allison and had recently ordered Cavedweller. She was going to read it, and so the three of us decided it would be a good choice to start off what would be our really successful book club. Lindsay finished the book and saw the movie before I even got a chance to buy it. Once it was sitting in my room, I began reading it, got sidetracked and it spent the next four months on my bookshelf. It wasn’t that the book wasn’t good. It was. I was just distracted. Timanna, on the other hand, never bought the book.

And so there went the book club.

But, back to the present. I finished it! And it was really enjoyable, addictive, engrossing. I started thinking and dreaming in a Southern drawl. I highly recommend Cavedweller.


The movie, starring Kyra Sedgwick, doesn’t come close to doing the book justice. Dot also authored Bastard Out of Carolina, one of her more famous publications and will be in San Fran in two weeks.

Truth & Beauty, by Ann Patchett, is one of those books that could easily be found on Borders’ “3 for 2” shelf. Where Patchett’s other books say the title and then in italics “a novel,” Truth & Beauty says “a friendship.”  


I found it immediately interesting that a friendship could be thought of as literature, but that was exactly what it was. It was the story of Patchett’s intense, loving and amazing friendship with fellow author Lucy Grealy

(Grealy being held by Patchett)

At some point, I’m going to write more about this book on my Homosocial Project page, because it relates so well. Reading Truth & Beautywas so familiar. I was constantly picking parts out and seeing Grealy and/or Patchett as myself or my friends. It’s about female friendship and love. And it’s totally meaningful to my thoughts on homosociality.

I will take a couple days off of reading, and hopefully dream of something other than Ann and Lucy crawling through a cave in Georgia with Cissy Byrd (that would be my mind juxtaposing the two books) and then I plan to re-read Bridge to Terabithia, my childhood favorite.


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