Heroes, Indigo Kids.

25 Jun

I have recently discovered streaming Internet TV. It’s really amazing, because you can watch entire episodes of certain shows on your computer, any where, at any time and for free. This is an instance when 2007 is outstanding.

I have exhausted all of the on-line episodes of 48 Hours Mystery, so tonight, I ventured over to the NBC site and began watching Heroes, a show I have been meaning to catch for quite some time. They have the whole season available here.

From only watching the first episode, I gather that Heroes is a show about a dozen people who are different from the rest. They have certain, shall I say talents, or abilities, that make them able to predict the future or change space/time or never be injured. They also have amazing empathetic abilities, they are more insightful, ethical, dignified… they are smarter than the rest.

Basically, I feel like this show is totally appropriating outsiders, or black sheep. It makes being different cool. And now everyone is going to think they can be a Hero; an in-touch being with the power to read people and to actually feel things.  

“Heroes” reminded me of the concept of Indigo children. There have been articles within the past couple of years in major publications about Indigo kids, a new-age idea about a breed of children that are more in touch and will change the world. Common characteristics of Indigo kids:

  1. They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).
  2. They have a feeling of “deserving to be here,” and are surprised when others do not share that.
  3. Self-worth is not a big issue; they often tell the parents “who they are.”
  4. They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
  5. They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
  6. They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and do not require creative thought.
  7. They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like “system busters” (non-conforming to any system).
  8. They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
  9. They will not respond to “guilt” discipline (“Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did”).
  10. They are not shy in letting it be known what they need.


I think a lot of people just mistake their pain-in-the-ass kids for Indigo children to make themselves feel better about their parenting abilities. That said, I do think that there is a different kind of child out there today, one that possesses many of the attributes of what has been called the Indigo child. Let me tell you, these kids are not “cool” in the modern sense and they do not look like the people from the show “Heroes.”

I think that a lot of these children are now in their late teens/20s and I think they will have the ability to change the world and create peace.

I’m not saying the “Heroes” isn’t entertaining, and I’m totally going to watch the next episode after I finish writing this. All I’m really trying to point out is that it’s a shame that people really do feel different from the rest and in fact are different from the rest, and this, along with everything else, has to be main-streamed. Sad.


3 Responses to “Heroes, Indigo Kids.”

  1. lesbianist June 25, 2007 at 4:47 pm #

    1. welcome to my world of online tv. its the only thing i ever do.

    2. “your were born”?

    3. i watched heroes once to ogle clea duvall, but overall i havent been a fan. however, this will change as soon as the next season starts because they will be introducing a lesbian cheerleader character with powers.

    4. that indigo children thing is bs, but i like it anyway. i wish they were talking about kids with supernatural powers of some sort, though.

  2. Elizabeth June 26, 2007 at 1:57 am #

    OH Man Tay, Heroes is totally mine and Toby’s favorite show. Like, very possibly my favorite TV show of all time.

    And not everything is serious darling. Some things are just entertainment.

  3. nicotineandmint June 27, 2007 at 2:05 am #

    i wish kids were downloaded….so i could erase them.

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