Buh-bye, Jane.

10 Jul

Jane Magazine will be shutting it’s doors… a.k.a. they will be no more, and neither will their Web site.

Jane, launched ten years ago, touted this feminist-y thing, but, basically totally sucked (see Bitch Magazine’s “Ten Things to Hate about Jane” article). I’m not sad to see them go. Any magazine that says it’s got a feminist message and has Britney Spears on the cover has problems… Jane‘s message was corrupt in every sense of the word.  

All I can thank Jane for is a brief dream I once had: as a pre-teen caught up in the struggle that was living in rural Missouri, Jane Magazine inspired my best friend and I to some day start our own (better) magazine. This led to years of interest in media and journalism, especially critique and policy. Jane basically got me thinking about what is wrong with the world, and how I could create a message.

I’m not really a huge fan of Bitch either, but this article, by Bitch‘s Editor, is really interesting.


One Response to “Buh-bye, Jane.”

  1. nicotineandmint July 11, 2007 at 10:52 am #

    man, i cant keep up tay! you been busy!

    way to put things into a positive tho homie!

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