10 Jul

The garbage in my city (and surrounding towns) has not been picked up for going on three weeks. There has been a lock out of 500 garbage truck drivers since July 2, as Waste Management and Teamsters Union continue talks to preserve the contract that expired last month.

While my liberal self is all for Unions (and I encourage a strike until the contract is renewed) things are getting mighty stinky in these parts. The neighbor’s three week old dirty diapers greet me everytime I walk into my apartment, and it is not pleasant.  It has really got me thinking about the luxuries (like waste disposal, roads, sanitation) that I take for granted.

There is also this new thing that East Bay is ALL about, and that is composting. There are these “Green Bins” that the city has really encouraged it’s residents to use to dispose of not only yard clippings, but food scraps.

Now, as you can imagine, some really raunchy things start to happen after old fruit, meat and bread sits for three weeks in a plastic container in the sun. I have fully supported attempts to go green by ridding plastic bags and bottles out of cities… but urban composting… I just don’t know. I think one of the things about living in a city is that you don’t share the lifestyle of those in the country… like, you cannot ride your horse to the grocery store, you cannot get somewhere without passing through 45 million stop lights, and you cannot compost.

Rotting food in parking lots doesn’t just produce nasty smells, but it attracts maggots, flies and rats. It just ain’t right.


2 Responses to “Rank.”

  1. nicotineandmint July 11, 2007 at 10:49 am #

    i wonder if there are dumsters for disposable neighbors? you know- put out the old stinky ones and have them compost into the earth to grow new ones. you think?


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