Women and the news.

10 Jul

I have to admit that I am not Katie Couric’s biggest fan. I never really watched the Today Show and I don’t really watch the CBS Evening News. But I need to help a sista’ out.

Last year, Couric made the move from co-hosting NBC’s The Today Show, to singly hosting CBS’s Evening News. It was a widely reported transition, as Couric became the first woman to host such an important news broadcast… journalists like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather succeeded her.

Ever since Couric’s Evening News take-over, eyes have been on her success at anchoring the important program. And basically, she’s been seen as a failure. Report after report show that the CBS news is rated third, behind rival networks NBC and ABC.

OF COURSE, this is all Couric’s fault… her lack of hard news experience, her inability to manage a news team, and I believe, underneath it all, her woman-ness.

I mean, yes, Couric’s ratings are worse than Rather or Cronkite’s ever were… BUT – let’s not forget, even with those male hosts, CBS News was still rated third. AND – yes, CBS remains third, with dismal ratings, BUT– I bet if anyone would look at the ratings for NBC and ABC’s new broadcasts, they would be lower than ever as well. This is a symptom of the rise of 24-hour news channels and the Internet. Let’s not blame everything on Katie Couric. It’s not a coincidence that she’s a woman and taking all the heat for the fall of Evening News. Shit.


2 Responses to “Women and the news.”

  1. nicotineandmint July 11, 2007 at 10:54 am #

    maybe people arent watching because she supports the war. douche.

  2. taylored July 11, 2007 at 4:14 pm #

    There is no way Katie supports the war. She is blasted for being liberally biased.

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