a decent venue, a cool show, an amazing band

2 Aug

Last week, I saw Aa (pronounced: big A, little a). I saw them at 21 Grand, basically a fancy garage that triples as a performance space, art gallery and accordion repair shop. They also had $2 beers and $1 soda (holler!). Anyway, I guess Aa is what they call a “noise band.” I went because my roomie is really into their tunes, and I am always in the mood for staring at indie boys.

Anyway, the first band (average age of the three members was, I’d say, 15) was called Robin Williams on Fireand they were terrifying (and I just looked at that myspace link, and now I’m even more scared). I understand the need to sing away and express your teenage anger/hate/attitude, but don’t take it out on the fancy guitar your parents bought you for Christmas…. okay?

 Aa was up after them, and I must say, they were amazing. They totally rocked it. They’re beats were fantastic, and their “noise” was catchy, interesting and unexpected. Check out this music video for what has become my favorite song:


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