3 Aug

It’s almost my sixth month anniversary of having this blog (or any blog for that matter). I can’t believe I even care that I’ve been posting for six months, and honestly, I can’t really believe I have a blog. I was definitely late in entering this world – I never had an “lj” or anything … and at the height of my”traditional journalist” attitude I was totally anti-blog.

This blog has become a sort of therapy, really. It’s a way to dis-absorb (what’s the word?) all of things I read, think about, grapple with. Not that I want to not  think – it’s more like, I think way too much, and I have this space to store these thoughts until I can come back to them. An added bonus is that people read this… and react to what I say.

Of the 112 posts I’ve had thus far, here are my top five (most fun to write):

Oh Boy!


Long Day




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