Charm School

21 Aug

This post has been a long time coming – as the finale of “The Flavor of Love” spin-off aired a few weeks ago. I was just prompted by this post, which was a response to Mo’Nique’s profile in the August 5 edition of the NY Times, to remember my feelings about “Charm School” – and specifically the finale.

At first, I was totally anti-Charm School. To me, the show was disgusting- putting the women from the series “Flavor of Love” back on national TV to degrade themselves and womanhood again. It wasn’t until almost the end of the series that I got it – Charm School was real. With Mo’Nique as the principal, she instilled the tools and confidence in these women, to not make complete asses of themselves on VH-1 and to represent their gender, class, race, age, size (etc…) in an appropriate and fulfilling manner – to not be exploited for entertainment. I think it’s a shame that this true perogative was only evident on the “Reunion Show” – when Mo’Nique spoke some words that made total sense – and made me see the series in different light.

Obviously, this was a show – for entertainment. VH-1 ran the show because they knew people would watch the fighting, the sex, the raunchiness. I just think it’s a little refreshing to see a different agenda – one that was giving these women a chance to change their image and impact the stereotypes of women, women in groups, black women, fat women, skinny women, poor women, rich women.


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