another check minus for college journalism

20 Feb

Last February, I blogged about an article published in Central Connecticut State University’s newspaper, The Recorder,called, “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It.” The “satirical” tirade was disgraceful to women and to college journalism. The article explained that rape is a magical experience and a help to society. It went on to say that ugly women would never know the joy of sex if it weren’t for rape… it was disgusting (here is my post about this, with a copy of the article).

And then, today, I saw this. Max Karson, of the University of Colorado, wrote a column for his college newspaper, The Campus Press, entitled, “If it’s war the Asians want… It’s war they’ll get.” It was published on Feb. 18 and starts by pointing out the “tension between the white students and the Asian students” at the UC campus. Karson then relays a story about an experience he had with an Asian student that made him realize that Asian people hate white people. He says, “They hate us all. And I say it’s time we start hating them back.” His article goes on to detail a plan he has to torture and humiliate the Asian population at UC … it is physically revolting – so if you read it – do so with caution.

I don’t know who these guys think they are. They act like Stephen Colbert – who I don’t really get in the first place. Colbert is apparently “satirical” or something… and yeah, his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was pretty in line… but beyond that – I think he’s a dope. These college writers are just too dense to realize Stephen Colbert is not a journalist. They’re satire is not funny – it’s ripe with gross, harmful, and hurtful stereotypes, racism, and sexism. And it totally makes college journalism look like religious pamphlets passed out on street corners!!!

What’s with this trend?


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