bein’ a beez

23 May

So, the truth, I manage a retail store.  I’m learning a lot about management, leadership and myself. I’ve also learned how to be a bitch. It’s like, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I hate when people don’t like me.

I don’t mind if people I don’t like, don’t like me, but it has been hard to deal with people who don’t like me because I’m trying to get things done, don’t like me because I have some kind of authority, don’t like me because I make and enforce rules, don’t like me because I (yes, ME! it’s kind of hilarious, really) am a threat. I suppose I believe they have no basis not to like me, but I have been in their shoes too, and I didn’t like me either. 

So, I’m reading books about being a woman and being a boss. And coming into a situation where I am younger than those I am supervising, where I am “new” yet telling people what to do.

I basically feel like I’m learning how to be a good man.


One Response to “bein’ a beez”

  1. emily June 2, 2008 at 9:17 pm #

    can i just say that i, too, am having a similar delimma. except i’m stepping up to manager-like responsibilies and battling the fear of not being liked or not being “friends” with those that i’m managing. not that i was ever really friends exactly…. i guess i just wonder if you can be friendly/chummy and still effectively manage…. we should have a conference and discuss.

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