my iPod is issuing tuung

22 Jul

Well, that is not entirely true. I don’t have an iPod. I have an MP3 player that is not an iPod, but rather a Dell Pocket DJ. It has the coolness level of still using your Walkman circa 1988 and I have always been ashamed of it… the little buddy stays in my pocket, where no one can see it. Anyone who notices a white wire breeching from a denim lip at my waist (I hope) would think there was a lime green iPod attached. No one knows what is actually there, except me, my room mates and the group I went to Australia with.

I know because it’s mine (duh), my room mates know because I have to charge the thing and I trust them enough to not have hope in my cool-ness and like me anyway. The Australian group knows because I take kindly to tripping. I was climbing King’s Canyon, and while taking a spill, the player errupted from my pocket and collapsed onto the red dirt with a great force. The world stopped spinning, and everyone (even the Hungarian tourists a few steps ahead of us) was astonished -not that I had fallen, but – that what had been in my pocket the entirety of our stay had been but a silver square with a blue face. It wasn’t lime green, it did not warn me of it’s playlists in color, it had no round-touch-turner-thingy and it certainly had not been marketed with catchy tunes. I ignored the blood draining from my knees, wrists and shoved the DJ back where it had come from, leaving a stain of rusty dirt/blood on my cut-up tee shirt and cotton shorts. The iPoded group would say they were most concerned with my well-being, but I swear they were all taken with my pocket – kicking themselves for believing I could be cool in any sense of the word (even the Hungarian tourists a few steps ahead of us).


2 Responses to “my iPod is issuing tuung”

  1. merritt July 22, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    whatever, i think you are way cooler for not having an ipod. anyone who spends $200 dollars on something that does the same thing as a $15 dollar mp3 player from walmart should be hiding that fancy shit in their pocket.

  2. emmerly July 27, 2008 at 10:14 am #

    you have the greatest stories tay, and i love the way you tell them.

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