night number one in SF

1 Aug

Warning: I wrote a journal entry… sorry.

I’m here… it was quite a day, but I’ve made the leap! I now rest my head in a big ol’ city, in a big ol’ Victorian. The ceilings in my room are high, and there are boxes stacked everywhere… it’s kind of like I’m living in a small nook, between the blocks of a Jenga game.

My only complaint, thus far, is the bathroom. It is tiny. When you sit on the toilet, you can rest your chin on the sink. It’s something else. I’m used to so much room, so this is definitely an adjustment.

I walked around the neighborhood a bit, after taking half an hour to find a parking spot. I like my surroundings. Lots of people and things to look at.

I have to work tomorrow at 7 am. AND – I don’t have to leave an hour and half early to get there either! Holla!


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