today was touch, yesterday was go.

4 Aug

It’s been an adjustment… moving into a new place, with new people. Mostly, leaving behind the old is the hardest. Leaving Oakland felt (still feels) sacreligious. However, I must say, I do love my new neighborhood. Everything is so close… and there’s life at all hours. I did realize today, as I walked around, that there are SO many people in this city. It’s one thing to see a gathering of people at a specific location (resteraunt, park, theater), but seeing gatherings of people not interested in one activity feels so different. There are so many people in one spot, but they are all actively doing something unrelated to one another.


One Response to “today was touch, yesterday was go.”

  1. missps August 6, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    so cool.

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