I think I have a project.

6 Aug

But, I’m not sure how long it will last. The other night, I was buying a sub sandwhich, and while a waited for the toppings to be added, I grabbed a copy of the SF Gaurdian. The current issue is their Best of the Bay Awards – where readers and editors pick their favorite places/things/people in the Bay Area (mostly SF), and publish them in the tabloid-like, mostly-advertisements paper. There are tons and tons of listings, for pretty much everthing imaginable. From “Best Cafe” to “Best Paper Clips With A Past,” if it’s considered cool, it’s in there.

So my project is to walk to all the ones I find interesting. I kind of figure, that San Francisco is only 7 miles by 7 miles, and I live pretty much in the middle, so I couldn’t have to walk too far to get to these places.

On day one, I walked 1.5 miles down to “Black and Blue,” ranked Best Tattoo Shop.

My friend, Lindsay, had a consultation there with Idexa, the owner. So I got to meet her and see the woman-owoned and operated shop that is kind of famous in this area. I talked to Idexa about the fact that the Guardian said this about her shop: “The renowned female artists at B&B may not be able to pee while standing (we think), but they’ll man up to the needles any day. Best tattoos in town.” That sort of grossed me out… for several reasons. ONE – how did whoever wrote this know that they all identify as female? TWO – how did they know that they can’t pee standing? And THREE – why do they have to “man” up to needles. Gross. I was pleased that Idexa felt pretty much the same way I did about this.

Yesterday, I walked 2.2 miles to Green Apple Books, ranked “Best Independent Book Store; Best Used Book Store.”

It’s down on Clement Street, in what I would consider to be Richmond? Anyway, it was totally cool. Working in a “big box” store, for some corporate, giantman, I am always excited to see how little indie places run. It’s just so more creative and fun. Everything was labeled with posterboard and markers. There were quirky signs placed throughout. There were interesting books stacked everywhere, with seemingly little order. It ruled. I didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular – and it was sort of over-whelming. But, I kind of think that’s the purpose.


One Response to “I think I have a project.”

  1. missps August 6, 2008 at 6:03 pm #

    this sounds like an exciting project. i can’t wait to hear about more of them!

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