30 Oct

Last night I was reminded of how famous I am. I often glitz (!) around The Castro, and a few months ago, I happened to catch Sean Penn filming a couple scenes for -what was then an upcoming film- Milk. I was star-struck. The studio campaign office for the film about Harvey Milk (a gay SF city official, unofficial Mayor of The Castro, who was murdered in city hall in the 70s) was right next to my friend’s apartment. So pretty much, as I see it, I’m in the movie. Last night was the premier of the film at The Castro Street Theater.  I’m talkin’ lots of limos, lights, cameras, Hollywood elite. A block away from where I was standing. Honestly, I’m shocked I wasn’t invited. Whatever.

I was sitting a block down to the left eatting dinner.

 So also, about fame, and famous people… Forbes’ Top-Earning Dead Celebrities List was released today… they are:

#1 Elvis Presely

Dead Elvis Presley earned more than alive Madonna and Justin Timberlake.

#2 Charles Schulz

Of Peanuts, the cartoon.

#3 Heath Ledger


#4 Albert Einstien

#5 Aaron Spelling

#6 Dr. Seuss

#7 John Lennon

#8 Andy Warhol

#9 Marilyn Monroe

#10 Steve McQueen

for the rest of ’em, go here.


3 Responses to “Famous”

  1. Grammy October 31, 2008 at 6:28 am #

    Hey, Taylor, remember when we met those two guys on their way to a photo shoot? You must remember: Tube Station, squirrels, Grammy with camera. They might be famous now too………and we were there for the launching of yet another career (or 2)


  1. Mills « A Taylored Stitch, A Modern Bitch - January 23, 2009

    […] that’s enough adjectives for one post — I also saw Milk – the film that made me famous. It was fantastic… Sean Penn was such a wonderful act. The story is just so tragic and […]

  2. ooppss, i did it again. « A Taylored Stitch, A Modern Bitch - March 3, 2009

    […] To me, this means a commitment and an openness to equality. That’s what I meant – I believe in these things, just as he did. On this same note, Milk took home two Oscars, which makes me even more famous! […]

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