“You are feeling verrrrry sleeeeeepy” actually kind of works.

2 Jan


My best friend borrowed some CDs from her mother-in-law to relax her fears about taking a plane ride. She told me about them in passing – and I expressed interest, because she said they were kind of nice. The CDs were  “Guided Imagery” by Belleruth Naparstek. Each CD deals with different areas where you can supposedly use imagery and your imagination to help you accomplish or conquer. The CDs included guided imagery to help with “General Wellness,” “Anxiety,” “Stress,” and what I was most interested in,  “Sleep.”

I’m not really a believer of the whole “holistic” honky, hippy, lavender, chamomile business. Mostly because I was raised with like, a book and Tylenol PM as sleep aids. But I put the CDs on my new iPod, and decided to give ’em a shot one night.


I was amazed… I turned on Belleruth’s voice, and kinda committed to the idea that it just might work… and… it did! For the past four nights, I have slept really well. Even if I’m not feeling especially tired, but I know I should sleep, they work! I will doze off at different points in Belleruth’s spiel and wake up thinking… WHOA! I actually slept?!?!


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