Helping me, help myself

4 Apr

After a series of unfortunate events – I have decided to get organized. I’m starting with what I know – lists. I have started keeping several notebooks.



Budget book. I am actually going to keep track of my money and where it is going. In the past, my expenses have been minimal, so I was able to track $ without actually logging it. This is not the case anymore. Hence, the book. Towards the end of the mini-spiral, I keep a wish list.




“Culture” book. A simple moleskine notebook, with three tabs = everything I should read/see/listen to. I created tabs for “BOOKS,” “MUSIC,” and “MOVIES” and I have used this book everyday for the past few weeks. It’s really handy.


Of course, I’m still listing short-term and long-term goals (lest I forget!). And this weekend … I’m tackling the filing box that I haven’t touched since the summer. It’s time to help me help myself!!!!


One Response to “Helping me, help myself”

  1. molm June 27, 2009 at 7:28 am #

    you go girl! I like the idea of a “culture” book. I’m gonna do that too. Where did you get your book?

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