Locomotive Breath

20 Apr

Today I took the train, a more frequent occurrence than ever before, now that my parents live just a short ride away. The train is way better than sitting in the traffic that builds up between SF and Sacramento. It can be brutal… 90 miles has taken me up to four hours! But, alas, the train saves me from this painstakingly boring, frustrating and road-raging journey. I just sit back, in the AC, watch the scenery and think about how I am on a train. At rare intervals, you can see the line of cars on the freeway, moving at snail-like speeds. All I think in these moments is “suckkkkers!”










The most amazing thing about training in CA is that there are so many different landscapes in such a short amount of time. 2 hours meant I traveled through farmlands, marshy fields, industrial parks, neighborhoods, over bridges, and along the coast.


2 Responses to “Locomotive Breath”

  1. molm June 27, 2009 at 7:14 am #

    I love the train…for all the reasons you mention…AND…I’m glad it is available to you can come and visit us!


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    […] in california, place, travel Whenever I take the train, I pass through Benicia and Martinez. It occurred to me that these places might be worth visiting, […]

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