16 May

Is it true? Podcasting is the last totally free art form?

It is free.

I love my iPod and more recently, I have dedicated a lot of time to the digital download  of several podcasts. The closest thing to podcasting is talk radio. Podcasting may not be an art form, but it is surely the future of radio.

Sound Opinions was referred to me by my bestie. Podcasts are almost entirely marketed by word of mouth. Their popularity seems to be more organic. It’s not based on a big mysterious rating system. Sound Opinions features two well-known music geeks who produce a weekly showcase of music news, feature an artist or a music-centered discussion and then critique new albums. It is inherently interesting and totally gets me pumped about new music. The discussions are intelligent and actually relevant. The most interesting discussions occur around the future of music, and the music industry.

sound opinions

Of course, I listen to This American Life, a program that is, week after week, iTunes’ #1 downloaded podcast. Best described as a collection of small sound documentaries, it is exactly as the title reads, life today in America. Fascinating and ironic and honest.


The last of my top-three podcasts is the newest to the mix, The Adam Carolla Podcast. I have stated  that I was a huge fan of LoveLine back in the day, so the Carolla podcast features the funnier of the LoveLine duo, Adam Carolla. The podcast is essentially a one hour rant. Carolla hosts guests, but he does most of the talking. I am fine with this… in several ways, I think Carolla is extremely smart, and a talented comedian. The man can make an analogy to explain any situation, which is brilliant.


So, what do you listen to?


One Response to “Podcasting”

  1. Grammy May 17, 2009 at 4:51 pm #

    I’m clueless. And never heard of Carolla (thought that was a car). Sigh…….

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