I’m married…

20 Mar

I have a gay husband. Have I told you?

Anyway – recently he moved into a new apartment and I enlisted my superior decorating skillz to help him make his room more comfy. The best part of the arrangement was that I got to decide on everything and then he just paid for it all. Seriously, the best way of doing anything!!! I came up with a concept for one of his walls and we worked together to paint it. The quality of these pictures is not the greatest, but I will get some snapshots of the completed room (with furnishings) to post soon.

the wall

the concept and color pallet

the tedious part, taping off the design

paint by number


So – actually, that’s about 75 % complete. We went back in and added some more lines. The rest of his furniture/decor is all grays and black. We are going to add teal accents (pillows/chotchkies) to bring it all together.

The painting project was made possible by this tool:

This thing is amazing! I highly recommend it for any project that requires precision.It comes with sticky foam so you can actually stick it to the wall, but we had more success with one of us holding it and the other taping off.


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