How to make an American panel…

22 Apr

I finally learned to sew! I got a machine for my b-day (back in October), and recently my mom came into town and showed me how to use the thing. I’ve been busy stitching ever since.

My first project involved making some fabric panels for basic IKEA Expedit shelving. I found the fabric a few months ago at Cliff’s Variety Home Store in the Castro. I couldn’t believe it because it had brown, red, pink, orange and purple — all the colors in my living room, and a neat design:

For months, it was draped over the shelves but now:

Perfect panels — velcro’d to the top lip of the shelves. It’s much easier to access and it’s sharper! The lines aren’t perfectly straight, but you can’t really tell from far away. And check out how awesome it looks with the Andy Warhol print… couldn’t have planned it any better!


One Response to “How to make an American panel…”

  1. missps April 23, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    what a lovely photo! those panels came out so nicely!

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