Wolf Fish

2 Jul

Over cards with friends, the subject of wolf fish lurking in the bottom of lakes in the North East came up. I have never heard of such fish, so upon returning home, I promptly Googled the finned creature. They are ugly and scary and take a look at those teeth!

I can’t imagine having this prowling in the same body of water where I was swimming. However, in my search for a photo, I came across goods made from the skin of the wolf fish, and I am in awe. I just love the look of the leather; the pattern and the colors!

Shoulder Bag




I’m not super into wearing animal hide (minus a few rad leather bags) but, I’m pretty sure I could rock the look of the wolf fish.

(click pic for link)


2 Responses to “Wolf Fish”

  1. bootspur August 17, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    Well, I hope a Wolf fish invades your very favorite illicit extra-marital affair dream!


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