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Wolf Fish

2 Jul

Over cards with friends, the subject of wolf fish lurking in the bottom of lakes in the North East came up. I have never heard of such fish, so upon returning home, I promptly Googled the finned creature. They are ugly and scary and take a look at those teeth!

I can’t imagine having this prowling in the same body of water where I was swimming. However, in my search for a photo, I came across goods made from the skin of the wolf fish, and I am in awe. I just love the look of the leather; the pattern and the colors!

Shoulder Bag




I’m not super into wearing animal hide (minus a few rad leather bags) but, I’m pretty sure I could rock the look of the wolf fish.

(click pic for link)


Gem Tones

2 Dec

I’ve come to the realization, that I rather enjoy gem tones. Like these:

Or these:
Or, maybe more like the colors from BeJeweled:
So, I painted my new kitchen a brilliant blue:
And because of their color-scheme, I’ve also decided that I like peacocks:

I am painting, again.

5 Mar

A few months ago, I painted the break room at work, to show my employees how much I like them and to give them a relaxing atmosphere in which to unwind during their breaks. Most of them probably wish I never would have done this (even though the room turned out A-mazing) because I bitched about how difficult it was for at least 2 weeks after said project was complete. The ceilings were high, the 10-year-old fixtures in the room were dilapidated, stuff was screwed into the walls where it shouldn’t have been… it was really hard work! After I was done “extreme makeover-ing,” I made a chart and assigned everyone a week of “break room duty,” during which they have to sweep, mop and scrub the room; which is another reason they probably wish I hadn’t bothered. Anyway, I said it would be at least another year before I picked up a paint brush again. Here it is, just 2 or 3 months into my strike, and I am back in the kitchen with a can of glossy red!

At one point, I had cork sheets behind the sink. But over time, they got wet and gross. So I pulled them down and decided to paint it red — to match the opposite wall in our kitchen. This is coat #2, and I definitely have a few more to go! When I’m done, I will post pictures of the completed kitchen, I promise. AND — I have help:

What would you do?

19 May

A few days ago, I was walking through SoMa with some friends, and we came across this little guy:


A new baby bird, stranded in a sea of shrubbery. After we took a hundred pictures of him, I picked him up with a spare branch and placed him further up in the tree, hoping his mother would come to his rescue. It crossed all of our minds that this was nature at work – perhaps this little fuzzhead was the weakest of his siblings and he was pushed out of the nest, to survive, or most likely, not survive, on his own.  Should you call Animal Control? Or do you let nature take it’s course?


new(ish) hobby

4 Feb

For my birthday (back in October), I bought myself a fish tank. I had one in high school, and decided to reignite the hobby. It’s a lot of work and kind of a pain sometimes – like, another thing to clean every couple weeks. But, overall, I’m totally enjoying it. My favorite part is naming the fish and decorating (and redecorating) the tank.

In high school, I had platies, which, are pretty basic. Now, I have cichlids, which are more fun. They  have personalities, they get bigger and are pretty aggressive (making it entertaining to feed them). It started with Goldie and Hahn. Goldie died :(. I got White Fang and Jailbird. They all look different, but here’s the basic idea:

So, now I have three, and I think I need a bigger tank… which means I’ll get more fish, and then need an even bigger tank. It’s kind of a viscious and addictive cycle.

Anyway, today my friend showed me this:

Which is beyond amazing. Here is the link for more views of this amazing wonder. (Via Boing Boing)

To Jessica, With Love.

3 Aug

The best thing I have ever seen on youtube:

I am so obsessed with Jessica now. It’s the only thing I’ve talked about all day! I love her big, beautiful, lovey eyes; her lil’ ears; her coffee addiction; her dog friends; and most of all her night time routines.

I’ve always loved hippos, second to elephants, but now, I don’t know. 

a blog about a cat.

19 Apr

This is by no means digressing into a blog about cats. I promise. I just thought with the current state of the world, people could use a little pick-me-up, you know what I mean?

This is a picture of the silly striped cat I live with:

He’s really into bags… plastic and paper. I can’t figure it out… but he likes them.