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How to make an American doorway curtain…

22 Apr

Whilst messing around with the sewing machine that I know how to use now, and mostly trying to stitch (and iron) straight lines, I happened upon a relatively easy project. I made a small doorway curtain for my kitchen. I picked up some cheap, discarded fabric at Joanne’s and got to work. Well, before I got to work, I also spent $8 a spool on thread not realizing how expensive it was. I think I grabbed the wrong “grade” thread. Like — I’m not trying to spend that much money on practice rounds — but whatevs. Here’s how it turned out:

**please note the GOLD thread — which is how it should be, considering the price.


How to make an American panel…

22 Apr

I finally learned to sew! I got a machine for my b-day (back in October), and recently my mom came into town and showed me how to use the thing. I’ve been busy stitching ever since.

My first project involved making some fabric panels for basic IKEA Expedit shelving. I found the fabric a few months ago at Cliff’s Variety Home Store in the Castro. I couldn’t believe it because it had brown, red, pink, orange and purple — all the colors in my living room, and a neat design:

For months, it was draped over the shelves but now:

Perfect panels — velcro’d to the top lip of the shelves. It’s much easier to access and it’s sharper! The lines aren’t perfectly straight, but you can’t really tell from far away. And check out how awesome it looks with the Andy Warhol print… couldn’t have planned it any better!

Gem Tones

2 Dec

I’ve come to the realization, that I rather enjoy gem tones. Like these:

Or these:
Or, maybe more like the colors from BeJeweled:
So, I painted my new kitchen a brilliant blue:
And because of their color-scheme, I’ve also decided that I like peacocks:


30 Mar

I recently went on a road trip with a few of my bests… I will blog about that soon. BUT – I was totally inspired by this really cutesy boutique in the college town of San Luis Obispo, CA. The only thing I could afford were their button rings, as everything else was like $235, but the decor was fabulous!

#1 – spray painted stenciled carpet. really rad way to make nasty rugs cute!

#2. spray painted lace stairs. using lace as a stencil to chic up plain wood stairs.

#3 – the alley outside of this shop looked like this:


even closer:

that’s right, an entire alley covered in gum.

I am painting, again.

5 Mar

A few months ago, I painted the break room at work, to show my employees how much I like them and to give them a relaxing atmosphere in which to unwind during their breaks. Most of them probably wish I never would have done this (even though the room turned out A-mazing) because I bitched about how difficult it was for at least 2 weeks after said project was complete. The ceilings were high, the 10-year-old fixtures in the room were dilapidated, stuff was screwed into the walls where it shouldn’t have been… it was really hard work! After I was done “extreme makeover-ing,” I made a chart and assigned everyone a week of “break room duty,” during which they have to sweep, mop and scrub the room; which is another reason they probably wish I hadn’t bothered. Anyway, I said it would be at least another year before I picked up a paint brush again. Here it is, just 2 or 3 months into my strike, and I am back in the kitchen with a can of glossy red!

At one point, I had cork sheets behind the sink. But over time, they got wet and gross. So I pulled them down and decided to paint it red — to match the opposite wall in our kitchen. This is coat #2, and I definitely have a few more to go! When I’m done, I will post pictures of the completed kitchen, I promise. AND — I have help:

Welcome, September

31 Aug


The forget-me-not is the flower of September. I am into the color.

I plan to paint my kitchen in the next month or so… I’m thinkin’ fire engine red? What do you think?



11 Nov

Inspired by Miranda July‘s Learning to Love You More, assignment number 63, I decided to make a banner for a friend’s birthday. I’m pretty happy with how it came out, and it got my craftivity flowing too…