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Muir Woods…

19 Mar

…is so close to SF! I never realized this. I took advantage of the beautiful weather today and ventured north to the federally protected sanctuary. It was just gorgeous!


The Nearest Corridor

24 Sep

Divisadero, the large street near my apartment, is being completely revamped. I heard a rumor the new set up is supposed to look like Octavia Street, which I have mixed feelings about. As it is, Divisadero is pocked and scabbed and it feels like you are off-roading when you drive down it – so repairs are definitely in need. The Octavia Street model is confusing and flawed, so hopefully they have edited it for a better pedestrian/bicycle/car experience.







Of course, all the money for these repairs is coming from the Federal stimulus, as CA is broke as a joke and all city based street repairs have been stalled.

The work goes on, for about a month, from what I’ve heard. The street I live on has been closed all week. There are major construction vehicles, barriers and men in orange vests everywhere. In fact, for the past few days, I have had major street crossing anxiety. All the sidewalks and crosswalks are closed off, meaning you can only get across the street if you walk in the middle of the road, and even then you could end up knee deep in concrete. It would make sense to me to walk down the next block to cross, but, those intersections are barriered off as well. The other day I ended up just sort of pacing between a parked dump truck and a back hoe, until I was noticed by one of the workers. He was kind enough to escort me to the middle of the intersection, where I promptly leapt over a cement stream and ran through three lanes of pissed off drivers to the safety of a coned off corner.

Normally, I am not like this. In fact, in the past I have discussed authoring a book called “How to Walk in a City,” in which I would disclose tips to city dwellers about how to properly walk around. These tips would include: walk on the right side of the side-walk, similar to when you drive and just because it says “Don’t Walk,” as long as there are no cars coming, you can cross the street. This book would also, perhaps, have an addendum called “How to Ride your Bike in a City.” The only thing I would say in that section is: Don’t be an asshole.

Maybe it’s just the fumes from the construction vehicles, but I really feel this project has thrown me through a loop.

A Little Life

12 May

A couple weeks ago, I added some life to my room by purchasing several plants. I  got a fern:


A little plant:

little plant

And some Irish Moss, which I lovingly call, my yard:

yard 1

Today, I got a small package from my grandmother. Inside were some accessories for my new green grass. Now my set up is complete! Thanks Grammy!

yard 3

Environmental Concerns

13 Apr

I think everyone is familiar with my thoughts on “urban composting,” a.k.a. collecting organic materials  and having them picked up once a week by a truck which takes them to composting site instead of a landfill. I’m all for it, composting, that is. Cutting down on harmful levels of greenhouse gasses is right up my alley. I also enjoy the idea of harvesting nutritious soil out of particles from your very own food waste.

My problem with composting arises only when it is done in small apartments, under the sink.


This bothers me because of the smell. I walk into my apartment (keep in mind this place is TINY – only three bedrooms, narrow hallway, bathroom, and kitchen), and I am confronted by rotting vegetables, tea bags and banana peels. It is rank. When you open the cupboard a swarm of fruit flies catapult upward and stick to your teeth. It’s like being in the Outback in the middle of summer, but I’m just in my kitchen throwing away a Diet Coke can (into the recycling bin). I have tried a covered container, I have tried storing the compost just outside the front door. I’m out of ideas. It’s unlikely that I will be able to convince my room mates that saving the Earth smells bad and we shouldn’t do it. I need some serious suggestions on where to proceed from here.

That said, I’m totally into my Reusable Bottle which I got at the adorable Eco Boutique on 18th. I’ve discovered that drinking from metal is way more fun than sipping from plastic, and it’s better for the environment too!


Spring is here

4 Apr

There are allergies in the air!


night number one in SF

1 Aug

Warning: I wrote a journal entry… sorry.

I’m here… it was quite a day, but I’ve made the leap! I now rest my head in a big ol’ city, in a big ol’ Victorian. The ceilings in my room are high, and there are boxes stacked everywhere… it’s kind of like I’m living in a small nook, between the blocks of a Jenga game.

My only complaint, thus far, is the bathroom. It is tiny. When you sit on the toilet, you can rest your chin on the sink. It’s something else. I’m used to so much room, so this is definitely an adjustment.

I walked around the neighborhood a bit, after taking half an hour to find a parking spot. I like my surroundings. Lots of people and things to look at.

I have to work tomorrow at 7 am. AND – I don’t have to leave an hour and half early to get there either! Holla!

what’s the story

9 Jun