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I’m a year older now.

6 Oct

My birthday was this past weekend. I’m now 23.

This is my fortune from a cookie I got after dining at Mongolian BBQ:

A chance meeting with a stranger may soon change your life.

And my Tarot Year is a 6 – which is the Lovers Year.

I’m sensing a theme here.

I better be in love by this time next year.


a fave of mine

3 Mar

One thing I love in life is fast drawing. I find it meditative, or something… anyway, I found this guy on youtube who does some really great fast drawing… amazing!

To Jessica, With Love.

3 Aug

The best thing I have ever seen on youtube:

I am so obsessed with Jessica now. It’s the only thing I’ve talked about all day! I love her big, beautiful, lovey eyes; her lil’ ears; her coffee addiction; her dog friends; and most of all her night time routines.

I’ve always loved hippos, second to elephants, but now, I don’t know. 

I miss you, miss you.

31 Jul

Things I really miss:

1. Pet Nets:

Looked like this:

And when used properly, looked like this:


These were so amazing, and a large part of my childhood. It always hung above my bed, I always enjoyed re-arranging the stuffed animals. Lately, as I’ve gotten more into having my own apartment and decorating it – I’ve been thinking about a way to use a Pet Net, without it actually  being a Pet Net. Like – I don’t want to look 7 by having a bunch of furry things smiling down from the corner of my room. But – it’s a good idea… to store stuff in the upper corner of a room.

2. Loveline


In the late nineties – as a new teenager – I loved to sneak and watch Loveline. At that point, the radio show that started on Los Angeles airwaves in 1983, was running live on MTV. I could really care less about the hosts, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla, it was all about the “sexy” phone calls – guys with three-inch extremities and girls with mysterious rashes.

As a late teen, after Loveline went from MTV back to radio, my weeknight 10 pm – 12 am hours were spent painting away my teenage angst and listening to strangers broadcasting their relationship and bodily issues. My interest did not lay so much in the callers, but in the hosts (though Adam is a total asshole, he was quite hilarious). The interactions between Drew and Adam and their callers were so funny and entertaining! I was such a hard-core fan, I even bought Dr. Drew’s book, Cracked.

Now, Adam has left, to take Howard Stern’s place in a nation-wide morning broadcast. Dr. Drew still hosts Loveline, with Stryker, though I haven’t listened in a few years.

fun, funny.

18 Jun

This weekend was good. On Friday, I went to Mortified SF. It’s a live performance based off the book, Mortified, a compilation of people’s journal entries from their teenage years. The show was hilarious… the best show I’ve seen in a while. It’ always hard for me to sit through things (i.e. movies, ballets, operas) but, I didn’t want this to be over.

Saturday I saw Knocked Up. It has like, half the cast from my favorite show, Freaks and Geeks, so I had to see it. I feel like the F & G dudes are my brothers, minus Martin Starr, who is my boyfriend. I love him!

(Martin Starr, during his Freaks and Geeks days, as Bill)

The movie – despite some offensive comments and images – was entertaining. I wasn’t bouncing around, waiting for it to be over.

My weekend concluded, today, with a trip to the water. The Bay is always beautiful. And I got some tanning in, so that’s good.

This week I start a summer class. Maybe it will get me inspired to write more interesting things on my blog. One can only hope.


28 May

So, I missed the actual wedding. It took 4 hours to get there, due to Memorial Day traffic. But, there was no WAY I was going to miss the reception, even if it meant driving on the shoulder of the interstate. I didn’t have to do that though, we pulled up at the church right as everyone was making their way to the gym-turned-into-reception-hall.

It was a small wedding. Like, 100 people? I spent the majority of the time arguing with Lindsay as to whether the accent color was pink or peach. Seemed pink to me… but in better light, I suppose she was right, it was peach. I also asked her if, as one of my bridesmaids, she would consider wearing a dress to my wedding (if I ever get married, that is). After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that a Zoot Suit would be much better. Powder Purple.

It was good and awkward to see old friends (of my mom’s). None of them recognized me, which was rather disappointing, really. I thought I was one of those people that others just cannot forget. ha.

As for the newly-weds… they were cute. I just don’t think I could ever get married because I could never do the whole “first dance as man and wife.” With all those people looking at me and trying to decide if I had just made the biggest mistake of my life.


26 May

I’m off to a wedding.

I’m sure I will come back with many theories, thoughts and judgements. Stay tuned.