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Hey yo 2012

5 Jan

I’ve considered deleting this blog altogether, but it is such a nice, healthy outlet. It’s funny how that parallels my feelings about therapy. Lately, I’ve been considering stopping my weekly runs to see a therapist; but have yet to pull the plug because it’s a positive, mindful place to be. Also, I feel like if I stop going, I’m going to regret it and be screwed into dealing with my anxiety and over-thinking by myself.

Anyway, I digress. Lately, I’ve been thinking about  Starting a Podcast. Podcasting is to radio as blogging is to the opinions page in the newspaper. It’s totally grassroot, mostly free and you can do/say whatever you want. Since I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, this is what I would talk about in my podcast this week:

The story is these five baby girls were born in 1934, and were the first recorded occurrence of quintuplets surviving infancy. The Canadian government took guardianship of the quints shortly after their birth, claiming their parents unfit to care for the five babies. The government built “Quintland” across the street from the girls’ family home and made the everyday lives of the infants/babies/young adults into a tourist attraction. There were souvenirs and viewing areas at Quintland. The girls were surrounded by scientists, doctors, nurses and the curious public FOR YEARS! At one point, Quintland was more trafficked than Niagara Falls. So basically – the Canadian government profited from their lives. After many years, and a custody battle, the girls were released back to their parents, where they claimed their father sexually abused them (though, later in life, they disputed these allegations). They all moved out of the home at 18 and 2/5 died in early adulthood – one from a stroke and one from a seizure. Another passed away in her 60s from cancer. There are only 2 remaining sisters alive and NO ONE HAS MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THIS! There were a couple television movies from what I can gather, and maybe an old movie, but HELLO! We need to hear/see this story!

  • Nootropics – what are they? do they work?
  • Why am I obsessed with song? FLO RIDA
  • I went antique shopping over the holidays – searching for Christmas presents. It got me thinking about the massive amount of things in the world. So many THINGS. And I love things, but where do they go and what happens to these things. I’m also reading a book, The Hare with the Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal, which discusses this a bit so far. What is my role in things? Do things have to be tied to consumerism?
  • Upcoming vacation in Hawaii with my sister, who is in Afghanistan right now

The Nearest Corridor

24 Sep

Divisadero, the large street near my apartment, is being completely revamped. I heard a rumor the new set up is supposed to look like Octavia Street, which I have mixed feelings about. As it is, Divisadero is pocked and scabbed and it feels like you are off-roading when you drive down it – so repairs are definitely in need. The Octavia Street model is confusing and flawed, so hopefully they have edited it for a better pedestrian/bicycle/car experience.







Of course, all the money for these repairs is coming from the Federal stimulus, as CA is broke as a joke and all city based street repairs have been stalled.

The work goes on, for about a month, from what I’ve heard. The street I live on has been closed all week. There are major construction vehicles, barriers and men in orange vests everywhere. In fact, for the past few days, I have had major street crossing anxiety. All the sidewalks and crosswalks are closed off, meaning you can only get across the street if you walk in the middle of the road, and even then you could end up knee deep in concrete. It would make sense to me to walk down the next block to cross, but, those intersections are barriered off as well. The other day I ended up just sort of pacing between a parked dump truck and a back hoe, until I was noticed by one of the workers. He was kind enough to escort me to the middle of the intersection, where I promptly leapt over a cement stream and ran through three lanes of pissed off drivers to the safety of a coned off corner.

Normally, I am not like this. In fact, in the past I have discussed authoring a book called “How to Walk in a City,” in which I would disclose tips to city dwellers about how to properly walk around. These tips would include: walk on the right side of the side-walk, similar to when you drive and just because it says “Don’t Walk,” as long as there are no cars coming, you can cross the street. This book would also, perhaps, have an addendum called “How to Ride your Bike in a City.” The only thing I would say in that section is: Don’t be an asshole.

Maybe it’s just the fumes from the construction vehicles, but I really feel this project has thrown me through a loop.


30 Oct

Last night I was reminded of how famous I am. I often glitz (!) around The Castro, and a few months ago, I happened to catch Sean Penn filming a couple scenes for -what was then an upcoming film- Milk. I was star-struck. The studio campaign office for the film about Harvey Milk (a gay SF city official, unofficial Mayor of The Castro, who was murdered in city hall in the 70s) was right next to my friend’s apartment. So pretty much, as I see it, I’m in the movie. Last night was the premier of the film at The Castro Street Theater.  I’m talkin’ lots of limos, lights, cameras, Hollywood elite. A block away from where I was standing. Honestly, I’m shocked I wasn’t invited. Whatever.

I was sitting a block down to the left eatting dinner.

 So also, about fame, and famous people… Forbes’ Top-Earning Dead Celebrities List was released today… they are:

#1 Elvis Presely

Dead Elvis Presley earned more than alive Madonna and Justin Timberlake.

#2 Charles Schulz

Of Peanuts, the cartoon.

#3 Heath Ledger


#4 Albert Einstien

#5 Aaron Spelling

#6 Dr. Seuss

#7 John Lennon

#8 Andy Warhol

#9 Marilyn Monroe

#10 Steve McQueen

for the rest of ’em, go here.

Reading makes me feel less stupid.

26 Mar

SO, it’s been almost a year after graduation… (yes, I realize that is a major topic of mine as of late, but whatever, it’s what I’m going through at the moment). As I seek to find a vision, I have decided to return to my roots… basically, I’ve been getting back to what gets me going, gets me feeling passionate, makes me want to “move and groove,” if you will.

I’ve been buying (and reading) magazines.

Right after graduation, at the beginning of my job (career?), I would only buy such reading material as People, Us Weekly, and Star Magazine. Maybe I had air of “Fuck you, academia, this is where you got me, so this is what I’m going to read.” For about 4 months, I followed, closely, the goings on of Britney Spears and other falling, failing Hollywood bimbos. Basically, I’ve been feeling as dumb as them.

And then, I had an epiphany at the Borders Mag Rack. While purusing the array of trashy magazine covers, I caught a glimpse of a camel crossing a Chinese desert. First, I thought, “I didn’t know they had camels in China,” and then I thought, “What else don’t I know about China?” So I bought and subsequently read, The Economist. Politics and Economics — two of my faves. Then came Ms. magazine and feminism. And Adbusters, full of media commentary and anti-establishmentness. Perfect.

I’m feeling a little bit smarter these days. And I’m getting to the point of dealing with the big question… “WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?”

A man is preggers… for real!

26 Mar

This article so interesting!

things from californ-i-a

22 Mar

I have lived in California for almost 7 years now. That’s the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere – and if Cali were my S.O. we would have common law marriage status.

I think Starbucks is on it’s way out. They grew too fast, I think. Their stock is down, they have to pay California baristas money and people can’t afford grande white chocolate mocha frapaccinos right now.

another check minus for college journalism

20 Feb

Last February, I blogged about an article published in Central Connecticut State University’s newspaper, The Recorder,called, “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It.” The “satirical” tirade was disgraceful to women and to college journalism. The article explained that rape is a magical experience and a help to society. It went on to say that ugly women would never know the joy of sex if it weren’t for rape… it was disgusting (here is my post about this, with a copy of the article).

And then, today, I saw this. Max Karson, of the University of Colorado, wrote a column for his college newspaper, The Campus Press, entitled, “If it’s war the Asians want… It’s war they’ll get.” It was published on Feb. 18 and starts by pointing out the “tension between the white students and the Asian students” at the UC campus. Karson then relays a story about an experience he had with an Asian student that made him realize that Asian people hate white people. He says, “They hate us all. And I say it’s time we start hating them back.” His article goes on to detail a plan he has to torture and humiliate the Asian population at UC … it is physically revolting – so if you read it – do so with caution.

I don’t know who these guys think they are. They act like Stephen Colbert – who I don’t really get in the first place. Colbert is apparently “satirical” or something… and yeah, his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was pretty in line… but beyond that – I think he’s a dope. These college writers are just too dense to realize Stephen Colbert is not a journalist. They’re satire is not funny – it’s ripe with gross, harmful, and hurtful stereotypes, racism, and sexism. And it totally makes college journalism look like religious pamphlets passed out on street corners!!!

What’s with this trend?