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Gem Tones

2 Dec

I’ve come to the realization, that I rather enjoy gem tones. Like these:

Or these:
Or, maybe more like the colors from BeJeweled:
So, I painted my new kitchen a brilliant blue:
And because of their color-scheme, I’ve also decided that I like peacocks:

Spring is here

4 Apr

There are allergies in the air!



17 Oct

Today was such a beautiful day. I decided to read in the park by my house. I took my camera along.


Alamo Square Park. Beatiful Sky.

Willow-esque tree.

Book with perfect branch book mark.

Shoe garden in the park. Quintessential San Francisco.

View from the park.

Most popular view from the park.

Less popular view from the park.


21 Sep

I’ve finished David Eggers’ book, Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Towards the latter half of the book, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. Then it got interesting again – and then he called us all motherfuckers and then it was over. So, at the end, I was kind of like, “really?” The whole thing made me think about people, family, relationships – so in that way it was good. I’m actually not too sure if I feel much different about it than I did on page 176. If I were to say anything else, I would be repeating myself. I’m glad I read it though. Some people (I don’t like) now make a little more sense to me.

Now I’m onto Richard Brautigan. I’m reading a collection of 3 of his books: Revenge of the Lawn, The Abortion and So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away. So far, I’m loving it. This man is so very interesting. I want to know more about him. His stories are pretty light and funny – but it feels like he is trying to say something deeper. So it makes me think – which I really like.

Talking just about books can be boring.

Sidewalks in SF are perfect.  Sometimes, if I’m thinking about it, I try not to step on the cracks in the cement. In the suburbs, the slabs of sidewalks are about a step and a half, so you really have to try not to step on the seam. Here though, they are just a step apart – so if you step in the middle of the slab – you never have to worry about stepping on a crack which means you NEVER have to worry about breaking your mother’s back.

pic via

flickr makes me want a new camera…

24 Feb

(like that would be all it took to get me to take decent pictures). Anyway, I love these:


“String Theory 02” Mandolin Strings



2 Aug

I am currently trying to lead a lifestyle that emanates from this picture:

Today, when I got home from work, I laid a striped towel on the roof of my apartment and attempted to tan the whiteness that is my legs right now. Unfortunately, the Bay area is cold and foggy this time of year, so things did not go so well for me. I just ended up with ant bites and dirty hands.

My hope for humanity is back.

11 Jul

Kent Couch is traveling to Idaho on a lawn chair. His plastic throne is strapped to an array of colorful balloons. He is flying through a few states equipped with a GPS device, a two-way radio, a camcorder and his cell phone.

So amazing!