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10 Mar

I know this video is making the rounds in the blogosphere… and I’m a little late to jump on the wagon, but I have to post it… if not for you, then for me. I will need to watch it frequently, I think.

Dr. Randy Pausch, a professor from Carnegie Mellon, gave a [now famous] last lecture series. He then redid the lecture on “Oprah.” But honestly, if you can’t watch the whole lecture series, then watch this one:

I know that I need to remember these points, for sure:

  1. Your critics are trying to make you better.
  2. Work very, very hard.
  3. Value people, not things.
  4. Always have fun.
  5. Have humility.
  6. Allow yourself (and others) to be creative.
  7. Always tell the truth.
  8. Apologize: “Im sorry. It was my fault. How do I make it right?”
  9. No one is all bad… be patient, and wait for the good to come out in people.
  10. Show gratitude… it’s not hard.
  11. Don’t complain or whine. Choose to take your finite time to “play the game hard.”
  12. Luck is where preparation meets oppurtunity.
  13. If you lead your life the right way, your dreams will come to you.


21 Aug

I love PostSecret + I love Sia = I love this video

Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters

16 Aug

Courtney Martin, one of the Feministing girls, recently wrote a book, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters. She was in Berkeley in June (totally bummed I missed it) and I recently caught this clip of her reading an excerpt from her book:

I’ve been totally self-obsessed lately, critiquing every part of myself: and the way the world sees me, the way I see myself, basically, who I am. (I’m told this is relatively normal at my age?!) Parts of what she read are along the lines of what I’ve been thinking lately. I have a full planner and an axiety disorder – I’m judgemental about myself and forgiving of others – I must get As – I must make money – I must make it look effortless – I get homesick – I am annoyed with this part of myself – I cry when I have serious conversations with my friends – I can never show enough humility – I got passed over for a job – Have I dropped out of the race? – I want a hug – I want to change the world – I want to sleep away the days – I would like to believe I love to be busy – I have no faith – I wish I could believe in a God.

I’m sure if I’m just being melodramatic … bits of this probably hit home with most everyone. It’s interesting, none the less. I would like to hear other’s thoughts!

To Jessica, With Love.

3 Aug

The best thing I have ever seen on youtube:

I am so obsessed with Jessica now. It’s the only thing I’ve talked about all day! I love her big, beautiful, lovey eyes; her lil’ ears; her coffee addiction; her dog friends; and most of all her night time routines.

I’ve always loved hippos, second to elephants, but now, I don’t know. 

a decent venue, a cool show, an amazing band

2 Aug

Last week, I saw Aa (pronounced: big A, little a). I saw them at 21 Grand, basically a fancy garage that triples as a performance space, art gallery and accordion repair shop. They also had $2 beers and $1 soda (holler!). Anyway, I guess Aa is what they call a “noise band.” I went because my roomie is really into their tunes, and I am always in the mood for staring at indie boys.

Anyway, the first band (average age of the three members was, I’d say, 15) was called Robin Williams on Fireand they were terrifying (and I just looked at that myspace link, and now I’m even more scared). I understand the need to sing away and express your teenage anger/hate/attitude, but don’t take it out on the fancy guitar your parents bought you for Christmas…. okay?

 Aa was up after them, and I must say, they were amazing. They totally rocked it. They’re beats were fantastic, and their “noise” was catchy, interesting and unexpected. Check out this music video for what has become my favorite song:


24 Jul

I am hereby officially endorsing Barack Obama for President.

I love hope and I love peace and I love equality and I love America. Therefore, my vote goes to Obama.

my new obsession.

11 Jun

This might turn into a Degrassi blog. I haven’t really decided yet. But for your enjoyment (mostly mine):

I think this song by The Verve just gets me everytime because it was so amazing at the end of Cruel Intentions. Love it.